"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it." - Helen Keller

Forget equilibrium.
Healing is an adventure.

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Who is the Hallowed Healer?

(And isn't calling oneself Hallowed a bit pompous?)

The Old English hal meant wholeness and is the root of the words wholeness, healing, holy, hallowed, and holistic. Holistic healing teaches that our body, mind, emotions, and circumstances are connected. Thus, all of these things should be considered when seeking to understand disease or prescribe treatment. Holistic healing is a very good start. Hallowed healing takes it a bit further.

What places do you consider hallowed? Graveyards? Old churches? The peak of a mountain on a clear night? The headwaters of a spring deep in the forest? These places invite a transcendent experience wherein we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. It makes us feel simultaneously small and infinite, terrified and courageous. We stare up at the stars and ask those rare questions: "Why are we here?" "Is there life after death?" "At my very core, who am I?"

Our bodies are also a wellspring, a mountain, a graveyard, and a church. Our cells are as wondrous as the stars. In sickness and in health, whether the medicine is sweet or bitter, our experience is our adventure, our myth. And that myth, if we learn to see it as Hallowed, is a threshold through which we can connect to our soul and spirit, our life force and identity. That state of connection is a healing, evolutionary Wholeness.

Your body is a journey. You are the Hallowed Healer.

If I'm the Hallowed Healer, who is Ren?

(Time to talk about myself in the third person, as one must. As Ren must.)

Ren Zatopek is a traditional spiritworker, martial artist, massage therapist, and poet, whose passion for the hidden (occult) teachings of the world may, at first, seem to run counter to her quest for evolution and new inspiration. However, consider the mythology, religion, magic and sacred practices of our ancestors as being made of metal. Most often it is used to make the chains of dogma and the blades of intolerance and superstition. But if myth is metal, then we can choose to be fire. We can turn shackles into keys and let the voices of the past uphold us as we unlock the future. Read Ren's Story

Working with Ren

Need a hand with your healing journey?


In need of healing, cleansing, uncrossing, clarity or blessing? Struggling with grief or obsession? Ancestral patterns causing problems? Looking to evolve and clarify your spiritual gifts? Want a shamanic perspective on your creative project? Whatever door you are looking to unlock, Ren is here to help you find the key. As a Traditional Spiritworker, Ren not only perceives, but communicates with (you guessed it) spirits. A teacher of mine once said, "If it has a name it has a spirit." Spirit is in the tangible--you, your hand, your car, that tree, the moon...and the intangible--Ancestors, America, Love, God, Freedom, Healing... Read more.


Ren is certified by the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing as a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and energy healer. She specializes in deep tissue therapy for the treatment of muscular pain and dysfunction. Trigger-point therapy, Sensory Repatterning, and Myofascial release techniques couple with Somatic exercise theory, allowing clients to reorganize dysfunctional posture and increase their range of motion. Though clients often accuse me of using my weird-spirit-stuff when I know exactly which points on their muscles are tender, it is actually 90% anatomical knowledge and only 10% weird!... Read more.

Classes & Rituals

Ren offers workshops, rituals, and meditations on witchcraft and spiritwork for spiritual evolution as well as shamanic, energetic, and somatic techniques for healing the body. Topics include: Un-crossing, Prosperity & Luck, Faery & Fate, Psychic Defense, Dream and Sleepwork, Sight / Intuition / Spirit Communication / Empathy, Crossroads Magic, Song & Poetry, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing & Curse Removal, Psychic Hygiene for Professional Healers, Human Energy Systems & Cords, Mindfulness Meditation for Mental Health, Tai Chi and more. Topics available as group classes or private lessons. View Calendar.

The feeling is mutual.

I just wanted to thank you again for taking time for a session with me while you were in town. It was very healing & transformative on many levels. What I noticed instantly was an increase of love for myself and others. What I noticed the next day was an an increased ability to set boundaries with others while remaining peaceful. My whole life, I've felt a panicky feeling about letting others down if I sensed they needed me but wasn't able or willing to help immediately. Since my healing with you, it's gone. I acknowledge others' needs and am able to balance my own with them rather than sacrifice my time or peace for them immediately. From scheduling readings to talking with friends who need me to scheduling a job interview, feeling that peace has enabled me to stop dropping everything for others this week and schedule things around what I needed as well.
It is such a gift to call back and own my power more fully. Thank you for your healing and peace and light.


I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful working on Saturday regarding my new Guide. I implemented the technique that you showed me to work with him and it works amazingly. I really value the tool that you have given me so highly, thank you, thank you! I also feel like I am better able to communicate with him now and I wouldn't have been able to do so at this point without your help. You're wonderful and I appreciate you sharing what you are able to do with me.


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(Due to the personal nature of this work, I welcome Anonymous testimonials. Might look shady, but don't all testimonials look a little shady?)

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My Journal

"It’s ironic that poets use words to convey what lies beyond words, that poetry becomes most powerful where simple language fails, allowing one to bridge the conscious and unconscious." – Diane Ackerman

Ancestral Healing

Our ancestors which now dwell out of body also dwell outside of time, and so time is not a thing which must sufficiently pass for them to be healed. Their habits of pain have been cast away along with their physical form -- only the memory remains. So to heal we do not have to convince every cell to change, only the unified, fluid spirit needs to shift.Read more...

Song of Roses for May Day Morn

The breath of God softens the world -- the thorns, how soft they feel. Will you make a crown of them to wear at your green wedding? Kiss the golden heart within, lips pollen-dusted beg for bees to land and make honey from your voice. Drop by drop you will gather the rising summer and anoint the shades of your eyes that you might be more visible to your beloved. My beloved is mine, and I am his. When no one is looking search the petals with your tongue and drink from the center of the Universe.Read more...